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Our Best Selling Resources for Foundation Stage

Ready Set, Move Classroom Activity Set
Get your class ready for some fitness fun!Each child stands on one of the coloured foam circle mats ..
Big Box of Nursery Rhymes
Learn to say and sequence 17 nursery rhymes while playing with 90 JUMBO puzzle pieces (each piece 9 ..
Find that Action Verb
Reinforce listening and early reading skills, phonemic awareness, positional concepts, and much more..
Playstix Construction Set
Playstix is a revolutionary construction product that allows children to create almost anything by s..
Rhyming Pairs Learning Cards
Learning cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic principles, lessons, and skills. The Rhyming P..
Emotions Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set
This captivating, emotion-themed bulletin board set includes: 16 cut-apart emotion cards (19cm x 4..
Hexacus Construction Set
Set comprises 25 easy to hold pieces of different sizes  and colours. Develops hand eye coordi..
Ladybug Letters
Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. Each correctly assembled two-piece ladybug results in a let..
The Wise I Construction Set
Wise I are a fantasic construction toy coloured plastic building blocks that click together to form ..
Natures Mini-Beasts Photographs
Beautiful photographs in an assorted natures mini-beasts theme. Double sided artwork. 40 x A4 sheets..
XL Polydron Set 1
Imagine being able to build castles, princess's towers, cars, boats and houses with tunnels to cr..
XL Polydron Set 2
Imagine being able to build castles, princess's towers, cars, boats and houses with tunnels to ..
XL Polydron Set 3
Imagine being able to build castles, princess's towers, cars, boats and houses with tunnels to ..
0-10 Number Beads
116 beads and 12 strings (contains 66 numbers, 8 plus signs, 8 divided, 8 multiply, 8 minus and 18 e..
Giant Number Fishing 1-20
Giant Number Fishing Game suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Children hook the fish with their fi..
Number Bugs 1-20
Create multi-coloured number bugs which slot together easily. Body segments have numbers on one sid..
Sprat Number Fishing 1-30
Number Fishing Game suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These compact fish are perfect for table t..
Face Pads
Make curious faces or silly self-portraits. Sketch yourself and your family! 8 skin tones. 5 x 8'' (..
Good Manners Matter Bulletin Board Set
Ages 4+. This encouraging, manners-themed bulletin board set is great for reminding students of prop..
Hygiene Kid Drawn Bulletin Board Set
This colourful, health-themed bulletin board. set includes:12 illustrated reminder cards (approx. 30..
Stand Up Self Portrait Kit
Draw and paint a wonderful self-portrait. Flip and fold to create a stand. Includes 40 portrait bas..
People Who Help Us Puppets - Set 1
Set 9 People who help us hand puppets. Includes 1x each - Policeman, Policewoman, Fireman, Doctor, N..
Active World Tray Black
These versatile trays are an essential resource. Designed with new easy carry handles, pouring lip ..
Active World Adjustable Stand
Designed to securely hold our Active World Trays, this improved stand now has the advantage of being..
Active World Mat - Minibeasts
Creep through the woodland and discover plants, animals, insects and birds in their natural habitats..
Jumbo Insects
Now your class can explore insects in detail - no magnification required! Realistic-looking fly, ant..
Mini Assorted Insects
This pack of minibeasts is perfect for introducing children to bugs Use in small world play, for mi..
Greedy Gorilla
A healthy eating game. Encourage healthier eating in a fun way. Use the healthy food cards to create..
Dressing Myself
A puzzle to test observation and memory skills. It is fun to assemble the different items we wear ..
Children of the World Welcome Carpet
Shows children from different cultures and the word Welcome in 30 languages Ideal for a school entr..
All About Me Family Counters
This multi-tasking family helps reinforce maths themes and social development. Ideal for early numer..
Mega Sand Timer - 5 Minute (Blue)
Mega sand timers with moulded end caps and thick wall surrounds. For easy identification each timer ..
0-9 Number Tracing Boards
Trace the number following the arrows. As confidence grows, the child moves down to the next, slight..
Alphabet Tracing Board
With with two variations of tracings to help children learn to write lowercase letters 210mm x 297m..
Dry Wipe CVC Word Wheel
A dry wipe word wheel big enough for the whole class to see! Build CVC words using the integral whee..
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