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Indus Valley KS2 Book Pack
Explore what life was like in the Indus Valley with this extraordinary collection. Contains fun fact..
Archaeology Book
Outlines some of the basic ideas of archaeology and how to use them in the classroom. Give children ..
Bag of Historical Finds
Greek, Roman, Viking, Tudor, Victorian and WWII artefacts to use for an exciting dig! A superlative ..
Coins Through Time Collection
Extend pupils? chronological knowledge of coinage before 1066 and beyond. Great for a historical enq..
Archaeological Artefacts Dig Kit
Be a real archaeologist! This kit is full of archaeological tools for finding them hidden treasures...
Artefacts Through History Collection
An ideal starter or top up historical artefact collection, covering a range of time periods and topi..
Homes Through Time Collection
Encourage your pupils to question and think critically about homes through history. This topic provi..
Stone Age Arrowheads Class Pack 30pk
Take a trip back in time and discover a key prehistoric tool with this fantastic set of arrowheads. ..
Stone Age Flint Artefacts Collection
Immerse your class in Stone Age Britain with this superb collection of flint replicas. A fantastic o..
Stone Age Resin Replica Fish Harpoon 12cm
An historical artefact representing an essential food catching tool from the Stone Age. Promote disc..
Stone Age Resin Replica Hand Axe 6cm
A high quality replica to bring the topic of Stone Age to life! Artefact use is a fun and exciting w..
Stone Age Wooden Mounted Axe
When a hand axe simply wasn?t cutting it anymore, Stone Age man would have turned to a mounted axe! ..
Stone Age Archaeology Artefacts Collection
Imagine what life was really like in Stone Age Britain with this authentic collection of replicas. A..
Celt Artefacts Pack
With plenty of cross-curricular links the Celts are a great Iron Age Civilisation to study. Encourag..
Iron Age Jewellery Collection
Who would have worn these artefact? When were they worn? A starting point for historical enquiry! Ce..
Replica Prehistoric Pottery Collection
Carefully researched and features pots that are representative of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. H..
Iron Age Artefact Pack
Artefact handling provides a great opportunity for historical enquiry in your classroom. Who would h..
Bronze Age Shield
Weaponry is a great way to engage both boys and girls at the start of any historical topic. Encourag..
Exploring Life in the Stone Age Book and CD
An introduction video and comprehensive workbook on a popular history topic. The books provide step-..
Exploring the Maya Empire Book and CD
An introduction video and comprehensive workbook on a popular history topic. The books provide step-..
Stone Age Cave Art Pictures
Explore early Stone Age Cave Art in your classroom with these high quality Canvas reproductions. Why..
Stone Age to Iron Age Collection
Explore the Stone Age through to the Iron Age with this unique collection of three books ideal for l..
Thinking...Stone to Iron Age Cards
Get your class thinking and questioning a variety of History topics. Used as a starter or plenary ac..
Stone to Iron Age Artefact Collection
Travel through the Stone, Bronze and Iron age using a variety of artefacts. This kit contains a rang..
Ancient Greek Replica Corinthian Hydria 15cm
An eye-catching and interesting discussion point to start a range of history activities. Dating back..
Ancient Greek Replica Oil Lamp 8cm
Add some intrigue to your history lessons, this artefact really will bring history to life. A versat..
Greek Discus Resin Replica 18cm
An historical artefacts with a story for further historical enquiry and research, a great starting p..
Greek Theatrical Masks Resin Replicas 15 x 10cm
Discover ancient Greece and its global influence without leaving your history lesson! These comedy a..
Long Jumper Weights Resin Replica 26cm
An ideal historical artefact for compare and contrast activities or as a history mystery item in an ..
Pair of Ancient Greek Replica Sandals Size 4
Walk in the shoes of a citizen from Ancient Greece, historical clothing can provide relatable compar..
Replica Ancient Greek Coins 4pk
Reflect on many aspects of greek culture from daily life to historical trade, shopping, the rich and..
Ancient Greece Archaeo-Box Collection
Introduce your class to Ancient Greece with this collection. A perfect catalyst for exploring everyd..
Greek Archaeology Artefacts Collection
Explore the rich heritage of the Ancient Greeks. Packed with artefacts exploring mythology, entertai..
Ancient Greek Replica Mask of Hercules Resin 30cm
An instantly engaging historical artefacts, great for historical enquiry and cross-curricular role p..
Athenian Helmet Resin Replica 11cm
An artefact handling opportunity to inspire and engage your whole class. Artefacts make giving a ?se..
Child Size Steel Corinthian Helmet
This helmet is most closely associated with the Ancient Greeks, an engaging way to give a sense of h..
Remains of Ancient Greece Artefacts Collection
Transport your class back to the world of Ancient Greece, a great starting point for the topic. Who ..
Spartan Helmet Resin Replica 12cm
Replica Spartan war helmet - ideal for historcial enquiry. The Spartans were revered as great warrio..
Ancient Greece Timeline
Perfect for understanding the chronological events of the Ancient Greeks and their influences on the..
Ancient Greek Ideas Poster and Picture Cards A4
The legacy of the Ancient Greeks is still with us today with the Olympic Games, theatre, government,..
The Ancient Greek Books 10pk
The fearsome Ancient Greeks are the focus of these boldly illustrated titles that explore battles, l..
Thinking History: Ancient Greece Picture Activity
A selection of activity cards featuring a photograph on one side and five questions or activity sugg..
Replica Strigil from Roman Baths 28cm
Children can relive what it was like to bathe in Roman times with this unusual artefact. Used after ..
Roman Coin Set 11pk
Explore roman rulers, trade, daily life and more from this fascinating historical time period. 11 do..
Roman Hygiene Chatelaine Set
A ?History Mystery? artefact that will gain a mix of reactions once discovered, an engaging way to e..
Roman Oil Lamp 8cm
Imagine what life was like in Ancient Rome, who would have used these lamps and for what purpose? Ar..
Roman Replica Jewellery Collection
Both boys and girls will be fascinated by these replica historical finds. Why not use the jewellery ..
Small Roman Archaeology Collection
Discover a range of artefacts becoming real life archaeologists, to give your class a sense of roman..
Wax Tablets and Styli With Army Stamp 2pk
An easy comparison to make between roman history and the culture of today, who would have written in..
Roman Archaeo-Box Collection
This selection of replica artefacts is designed to help you find out more about everyday life in Rom..
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