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Shake and Shine Glitter Lamps Silver
15cm Silver Base..
Foam Batons (pk 6)
6 functions, 40cm Set of 6..
Pack of 12 Finger Lights
set of 12..
Pack of 4 mini Fibre optic Lamps
23cm, set of 4..
Fibre Optic Wand
38cm, one supplied..
Wind Up Dymano Torch (No batteries)
Powered by hand movement, assorted designs..
Colour Changing Eggs (pk 4)
9 cm, set of 4..
Liquid Mini Timers - Pack of 4
Set of 4..
Liquid Timers Heart Shape - 3 Colours - One Supplied
4 Colours Available / One Supplied..
Liquid Timers Oval Shape - 3 Colours - One Supplied
5 Colours Available / One Supplied..
Liquid Timers S Shape - 3 Colours - One Supplied
6 Colours Available / One Supplied..
Mini Set of 2 Ooze Tubes
12cm, set of 2..
Ooze Tube Large - Blue
Ooze Tube Large - Pink
Ooze Tube Large - Red
Sensory Ooze Tube
Turn the tube upright to watch the jelly liquid ooze to the bottom A great sensory resource to fasc..
Glitter Tube (Pack of 4)
32cm set of 4..
Pin Art Metal Pins
Pin Art Plastic Pins Set of 3
Set of 3..
Small Glitter Tube (Pack of 4)
12cm, glitter tube pack of 4..
Water Glitter Tinsel Sticks Long (PK 6)
46cm set of 6..
UV Spikey Ball
32cm set..
UV Soft Ball
Medium Size..
UV Spine Balls, PACK OF 4
spine balls pack of 4..
Go Bounce soft Ball Large 10cm Diameter
Large 10cm diameter..
UV Knitted Ball
Fidget Pack 1
19pc kit..
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