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Place Value Kit
A brilliant Place Value Kit featuring 3119607 PV petals and workcards 3122706 Place Value Workcar..
Beat The Dragon - Addition & Subtraction
The same playing rules as Beat The Lion (above) but Beat the Dragon is based on addition and subtrac..
Classroom Number Line Bulletin Board Set
Each pack includes 12 pieces (56cm x 16cm each) which feature numbers from -20 to 100. The number li..
300mm x 1m Wall Number Line Double Sided
The large laminated number line is double-sided and shows the numbers 0-10 on one side and 0-30 on t..
Plastic Wall Number Line Pupil Size
30mm x 1020mm Printed 0 to 100. 6 per pack..
Plastic Wall Number Line
60mm x 1900mm Printed 0 to 100 Strong no tear plastic which will accept dry wipe markers..
Magnetic Blank Number Line
60mm x 400mm Magnetic number line with 21 divisions..
Magnetic 0 To 20 Number Line
60mm x 400mm 2 colours printed on magnetic vinyl Number Line..
Magnetic -10 To +10 Number Line
Not illustrated 60mm x 400mm -10 to +10 printed on magnetic vinyl..
A4 Number Lines Workcards
Set of 8, A4, double sided laminated workcards covering a range of activities..
Positive & Negative Number Line Activity Set
Versatile set provides both a visual representation for demonstration and components for hands-on re..
0-30 Number Line Floor Mat
Reinforce number sense, counting, addition and subtraction whilst getting children thinking on their..
Step-by-Step 1-20 Number Line
Get children on their feet and learning with this fun walk-on mat. Made of durable, wipe-clean vinyl..
Multi Bead Bar
1100mm x 50mm A superbly designed counting and measuring number bar The double-sided Multi-Bead Bar ..
Number Line Boards
105mm x 297mm The front has a dry wipe number line featuring numbers 0-20 and the reverse is left bl..
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