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Farmyard Mat
Down on the farm. Children will enjoy learning about life on this farm and acting out rural adventur..
Super Sorting Set
A complete sorting kit for your classroom! Comes with more than 600 items including Friendly Farm® A..
Beginning Sorting Set
Count, sort and classify with these durable, soft rubber counters. Set comes with 48 Mini Dino Count..
Friendly Farm Animal Counters
Counting, matching and sorting activies come to life with these charming friendly farm animals!Mummy..
Interlocking Puzzles Farm
My First Puzzle 6x 4 Piece puzzles of images associated with farms A range of early development pu..
Farmyard Combination Tray Puzzle
Both the peg and interlocking pieces when out of the tray reveal another image on the base print. A..
Peg Boards - Farm
New peg boards for those new to puzzles Large pegs for easy handling and a picture underneath as a ..
Farmyard Heads and Tails
A fun first matching activity that develops into a game as children grow in confidence and ability.M..
Farmyard Friends
A first matching and sorting game Match, sort and post your favourite farmyard friends in this sing..
Who's on the Farm
Identify the friendly farmyard animals in this appealing puzzle. Includes a detailed activity guid..
Farm Opposites
Learn about opposites by matching the pieces of these 24 delightful farm puzzles. Activity Jigsaws ..
Farm Four in a Box
Use these bright puzzles of favourite farm pictures and begin to count. Age 3+ 4-12 Piece Puzzles..
Six fun first puzzles of friendly farm animals. Age 18 months+ 2 Piece Puzzle..
Farmyard Dominoes
Make a match with the friendly farmyard animals. Match the familiar farmyard animals and develop o..
Old Macdonald Lotto
A fun farmyard lotto for very young players. Make lots of noises and actions as you find the farm ..
Set-Puzzle 'Farm' - Extra Large
Extra large jigsaw puzzle with handles, solid quality. 27 pieces Size 48cm x 36cm..
New First things Puzzles
Made From 6mm Plywood, each nameable piece has a large red, lift-out peg. - perfect for little hands..
Farm Animal Tray Puzzles
Made From 6mm Plywood, 12 interlocking pieces make up a picture and have a matching picture to copy ..
Big Peg Puzzles
Made From 6mm Plywood, 10 lift out pieces with large pegs. 28.5cm x 22cm overall size. Street, Safar..
Object Puzzles - Set 2
Made From 6mm Plywood, 4 lift out pieces with large pegs. 16.5cm x 16.5cm overall size. Set includes..
Object Puzzles - Set 1
Made From 6mm Plywood, 4 lift out pieces with large pegs. 16.5cm x 16.5cm overall size. Set includes..
Farm Set
Jumbo Farm Animals
Take your students imaginative play to the jungle with these realistically detailed Jumbo Animals. ..
Mini Farm Animals
Economy, but high quality assorted farm animals that can be used in small world play, in the sand pi..
Meadow Farm
Old McDonald had a farm - and this is it! This lovely wooden Meadow Farm has its own Mr & Mrs McDona..
Big Farm House
Roof opens, double doors at front and back in multiplex birchwood Size approx. 53 x 30 x 37cm..
Playmat - Farm
Classic brightly coloured Play Mat. Made from 100% polyester with a rubber anti-slip backing Mat s..
Yorkdale Farm
Classic playmats printed on 100% polyester with a rubber anti-slip backing. Superb bases for adding ..
Space Playscreen
All these playscreens use real photographs with lots of detail and activity in each. Create special ..
Active World Mat - Farmyard
Use this PVC waterproof play mat to place materials from the real world on top or to emulate a farm..
Zoo Animals
Our range of quality dressing up clothes, made in authentic styles especially for the 3-5 age group...
Puppet Pig
Set comprises 1 each - Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Duck..
Puppet Lamb
Set comprises 1 each - Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Duck..
Puppet Horse
Set comprises 1 each - Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Duck..
Puppet Duck
Set comprises 1 each - Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Duck..
People Who Help Us Puppets - Set 1
Set 9 People who help us hand puppets. Includes 1x each - Policeman, Policewoman, Fireman, Doctor, N..
Farmyard Animals Set
Set comprises 1 each - Cow, Pig, Horse, Lamb, Duck..
Wooden Farm Animals
A delightful set of wooden farm animals. These are designed for younger children and have carefully ..
Lacing Blocks Farm
Each set includes 12 wooden blocks and one lace Each block is painted on both sides The lace is conn..
Discovery Doors
Children will love investigating what is hidden behind the doors. Each door is numbered and has a ca..
Explorer Board
Toddlers will love exploring what lies beneath the chunky, vibrant shapes with bold primary colours ..
Farm Basket
Winner ERA Award 2012 - Best Early Years Resource & Equipment - non ICT Look who is hiding in the Ti..
Vivelle Artificial Grass 1.3m x 1m
A fun way to enhance your collages with imitation grass. Ideal for nature tables and scenery and re..
Bumper Bucket of Craft
A comprehensive selection of good quality, value for money popular craft items in a durable storage ..
Learning Walls Combo Pack
This fantastic classroom resource features 4 large, plain images of archetypal British natural habit..
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