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Triangle 100mm
The steel cymbals create a metallic sound, full of eastern charm..
Percussion Set
Set of 10 percussion instruments in handy clear plastic carry case. Contains a pair of maracas, a ..
Triangle Mood Light
This high quality Triangle Mood Light will be a feature in any sensory enviroment The shape and qual..
Colour Mixing Shapes
6 giant pieces of acrylic in different colours and with different shapes (red, blue, yellow, green, ..
Primary Shapes Template Set
Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes. Each template provid..
Magic Triangles
The simple format allows young children to work without adult supervision while they learn, memorise..
Pattern Blocks
Brighten up your whiteboard with these unique demonstration magnets and help children to recognise s..
Parquetry Blocks & Cards Set
Encourage creative and visual thinking with squares, triangles and rhombuses in six colours. Include..
Foam Floor Pattern Blocks
A great interactive activity for practising skills in sorting, matching and symmetry. Set includes 4..
Pocket Set
Deluxe Set
Each set contains 5 shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle & hexagon) in 3 colours, 2 sizes and..
Sequencing Squares
Each square 110mm x 110mm Giant Grid Board squares printed with coloured triangles, squares, circles..
Giant Pattern Shapes
Square is 130mm x 130mm Dry wipe plastic shapes can be used for pattern, sequencing and 2D shape rec..
Shape Sorting Presents
Give the gift of learning with these six threedimensional shaped gift boxes made from durable cardbo..
Glitter Mosaics
There are stars, pentagons, hexagons, circles, semi circles, quarter circles, octagons, half octagon..
Glitter Mosaic Tiles
Make giant sequences, tessellations and glittery pictures. A fun, appealing way to learn about 2D sh..
Squidgy Colours
7 dazzling Squidgy Sparkle coloured circles that help to develop mathematical vocabulary Inside eac..
Shape Shell Turtles
Vibrant turtles teach shape and colour recognition with removable shells that include moon, star, cr..
Polydron Super Value Set
An excellent, comprehensive set containing over 450 pieces of Polydron that will be a great value ad..
Polydron School Geometry Set
Use this set to cover all the activities in the Mathematics with Polydron resource book. Packed in ..
Wheel Lokko Set
Geometric shapes and wheels. 178 pieces including Squares, Triangles, Wheels, H-Connectors & Wheel ..
Shape Lokko Set
Build simple or complex 2D or 3D shapes. 200 pieces including Pentagons, Squares, Triangles and H- ..
We-Blocks Minis
Windows and blocks in different shapes help children to learn basic 3D geometric figures such as cub..
We-Blocks Minis
Windows and blocks in different shapes help children to learn basic 3D geometric figures such as cub..
Learning Cube
Circles, triangles, squares and stars of three different heights allow children to establish the con..
Mirror Trays
Sturdy set of 4 wooden nesting Mirror Trays, ideal for exploring reflections. Children will love mak..
Jumbo Felt Shapes
A pack of 56 pre-cut felt circles, squares and triangles ranging from 50-200mm. Colourful, non-fray,..
Gummed Shapes
300 shapes in 10 assorted colours Shapes include hearts, moons, squares, triangles, circles and star..
Magnetic Polydron Super Class Set
This set is a fantastic and complete magnetic construction tool for any classroom or play group. The..
Magnetic Polydron Set
This set contains 12 squares and 20 triangles and comes with a poster to guide and initiate play. Wi..
XL Polydron Set 1
Imagine being able to build castles, princess's towers, cars, boats and houses with tunnels to cr..
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