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Outdoor Play

Creative Activity's Outdoor Play, PE & Furniture range offers a diverse range of products for creating an engaging and active outdoor space. Our range includes PE equipment, outdoor play equipment, and furniture that encourages children to stay active and learn through play. We have a wide selection of products that cater to all ages and abilities and are designed to promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical health. We also offer furniture and storage solutions for outdoor classrooms and learning spaces, perfect for schools, nurseries, and childcare providers looking to create an exciting and educational outdoor environment. With Creative Activity's Outdoor Play and PE Furniture range, you can create an outdoor space that inspires learning, teamwork, and fun.

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  1. Rock Salt Pallet of 42 25kg Bags
    Rock Salt Pallet of 42 25kg Bags
    £358.80 £299.00
    Incl VAT £430.56
  2. Rock Salt Pack of 10 25kg Bags
    Rock Salt Pack of 10 25kg Bags
    £118.80 £99.00
    Incl VAT £142.56
  3. Rock Salt Rotary Spreader with Variable Flow 25kg
    Rock Salt Rotary Spreader with Variable Flow 25kg
    £178.80 £149.00
    Incl VAT £214.56
  4. The Donard Trim Trail
    The Donard Trim Trail
    £13,435.20 £11,196.00
    Incl VAT £16,122.24
  5. The Binnian Trim Trail
    The Binnian Trim Trail
    £10,032.00 £8,360.00
    Incl VAT £12,038.40
  6. The Croob Trim Trail
    The Croob Trim Trail
    £6,715.20 £5,596.00
    Incl VAT £8,058.24
  7. 1.5m Chin Ups | Creative Activity
    1.5m Chin Ups
    £1,256.64 £1,047.20
    Incl VAT £1,507.97
  8. Free-Standing Outdoor Trim Trail
    Free-Standing Outdoor Trim Trail
    Special Price £954.00 £795.00 £1,794.00 £1,495.00 You Save 47%
  9. Elite Fitness Trail 1 | Creative Activity
    Elite Fitness Trail 1
    £11,682.00 £9,735.00
    Incl VAT £14,018.40
  10. Elite Fitness Trail 2 | Creative Activity
    Elite Fitness Trail 2
    £19,173.00 £15,977.50
    Incl VAT £23,007.60
  11. Time Out Trail | Creative Activity
    Time Out Trail
    £4,587.00 £3,822.50
    Incl VAT £5,504.40
  12. Leap Frog Trail | Creative Activity
    Leap Frog Trail
    £4,950.00 £4,125.00
    Incl VAT £5,940.00
  13. Tree Top Tangle Trail A | Creative Activity
    Tree Top Tangle Trail A
    £12,573.00 £10,477.50
    Incl VAT £15,087.60
  14. Tree Top Tangle Trail B | Creative Activity
    Tree Top Tangle Trail B
    £17,721.00 £14,767.50
    Incl VAT £21,265.20
  15. Flicky Trail | Creative Activity
    Flicky Trail
    £9,834.00 £8,195.00
    Incl VAT £11,800.80
  16. Hide ‘n’ Seek Trail | Creative Activity
    Hide ‘n’ Seek Trail
    £12,210.00 £10,175.00
    Incl VAT £14,652.00
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